Katapult Africa Accelerator

The investment opportunities presented will help feed the society of tomorrow

Africa represents some of the fastest-growing economies globally. With a young and tech-savvy population, the continent is poised to become the focal point for sustainable agriculture and food production. The investment opportunities presented will help feed the society of tomorrow.

The world’s increasing population means there is an increasing demand for food, along with an increasing environmental footprint from agriculture. New technologies in food production have the potential to revolutionize the way we produce and distribute food, as well as manage our food waste. Innovative startups from Africa are encouraged to take the leap and create solutions for the future. Katapult’s Africa Accelerator Program will recruit the best companies and provide them the tools, network and the financial support for success. Together with our partners, Katapult aims to contribute to a transformative, structural change in the food chain.

The Katapult experience

We are not promising a solution to all your problems, but we have over the past six years developed an award winning accelerator program, tailored specifically to the needs of scaling early-stage impact startups fast. Read what previous participants have to say about our accelerator programs.

Katapult’s accelerator model

We invest in and accelerate impactful tech startups from all over the world. The selected companies receive an investment, a tailor made accelerator program and access to Katapult’s global network of impact investors, mentors, experts, partners and alumni. We take a holistic view and approach when helping Founders accelerate their early stage startups.

What we are looking for

In our mission to build a thriving world for all, the Katapult Africa Accelerator is particularly interested in applications from startups working in the following fields:

  • Agriculture and Food Production
    Startups with technologies in agricultural tools and equipment, agro-inputs, production and conservation management platforms, and enhanced biotech and foods
  • Supply Chain Services
    Startups providing innovative financial services, and accessible data, information and knowledge for consumers and businesses
  • Distribution and Logistics
    Startups working on sustainable transport, storage, and supply chain marketplaces and platforms
  • Sustainable Infrastructure
    Startups realizing critical value chain opportunities for renewable energy, and processing and recycling technology

Program benefits

Once you receive the acceptance after the due diligence process, you’re receiving the following benefits:

  • Investment of $150,000 to $400,000
  • Technical assistance
  • Access to our network
  • Access to investor’s network

Eligibility criteria

Please review the following criteria to determine if you’re eligible to apply:

  • The startup is based in an African country.
  • The startup as a legal form.
  • Tech startups working in the following sectors: Agribusiness, AgriTech, Food supply chain, Crop farming and Animal Farming.
  • The startup started operating at east 2 years before applying.
  • The startup has yearly revenue of USD 10,000.


June 30, 2023
Organizer Katapult VC
Website Visit website
Targets Africa
Sectors Agribusiness, Agritech, Animal farming, Crop farming, Fish farming, Food production