Kamerlingua SA

Giving African languages a cash value

KAMERLINGUA S.A. is a start-up company seeking to position itself as a major actor in the market for Cameroonian languages and cultures. It aims to preserve, develop and sell our national languages and cultures in all their diversity. The company will rely on the abundant local expertise in terms of applied linguistics and translation to produce and market texts in a variety of formats in all of the country’s languages.

KAMERLINGUA S.A. is meant to be a public-private partnership fully owned by its workers and the state of Cameroon. The company’s share structure is as follows:

  • 25% for first-level shareholders (that is 15% for the developer and 10% for the state of Cameroon)
  • 30% for second-level shareholders (that is 1% for each of the 30 shareholders under this category)
  • 45% for third-level shareholders (that is 0.045 % for each of the 1,000 shareholders under this category, on the basis of 100 shareholders per administrative region)

Share ownership shall be open to all Cameroonian citizens who match the job profiles sought by Kamerlingua S.A., without distinction of gender, ethnic origin or religion.

Kamerlingua S.A.’s market spans the whole country and includes the Cameroonian diaspora. This amounts to a population of over 25 million inhabitants united in their cultural and linguistic diversity. Potential customers include:

  • The State: It needs to consolidate the Cameroonian identity.  National languages, as we’ll see later, can also be tools of governance and a powerful driver of economic development.
  • Linguistic communities: They want to bequeath their values to younger generations. This initiative offers all those who have a grasp of national languages to turn this into a decent source of income.
  • Nursery, primary, secondary, and high schools: These are molds that the State can use to build the Cameroonian identity. They need corpus, textbooks and handbooks.
  • The Cameroonian diaspora: It needs to quench its thirst by tapping from the springs of its ancestral roots.

Kamerlingua S.A. is positioning itself upstream from already existing businesses that have culture as the stock of their trade, by developing and structuring this sector and giving the said businesses adequate tools to better operate in the field.

Our company pursues seven specific objectives, with a view to fast-tracking the emergence of a thriving market for national languages and cultures in Cameroon, with serious opportunities for internationalization on the African continent and beyond.





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Location Yaounde, Cameroon
Targets Africa
Sectors Business services, Creative, media and entertainment, Educational products, Film production, Music