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Venture capital is a rare commodity in Africa…

African entrepreneurs have always found it difficult to access the resources they need to launch their business dreams or take their budding companies to the next level.

The world of venture capital and angel investors is generally closed to them, with the capital being reserved for larger, successful companies while thousands of African Entrepreneurs are ready to take on investors to help them make the transition from idea, startup and small operations to medium-sized to large business or even listed entities.

The JUA FUND aims to alleviate this challenge by providing access to the initial US $ 1 000 000 in a joint venture, partnership capital.

What are we looking for?

JUA is looking for Africa’s next big business, from concept to mature businesses that need that kickstart into the next level.

  • African businesses by African entrepreneurs: You, as the Entrepreneur, must be African born and bred or OR have a residence in Africa AND the business must be Africa-based/headquartered
  • We want to have an impact: We only invest in businesses where we will have a significant impact on. It will be necessary to demonstrate the significant impact our partnership will have, for example, growth & expansion, socio-economic, strategy optimization, or any other significant impact
  • Global ambitions are welcome: We will happily look at businesses that, whilst born in Africa, have global ambitions
  • Job creation is great: We are excited by employment. Applications demonstrating significant local employment creation whether direct or indirect will be looked upon favorably. Don’t forget poverty alleviation whilst you are at it!
  • This is a commercial deal: Whilst we may make grants/donations on special occasions, this is an investment of debt or equity-based on a negotiated position, and entrepreneurs who understand this are whom we are looking for. We will enter into binding legal agreements as an investor in a business would
  • Passion, passion, passion: We are looking for ‘the X Factor’. We want to enjoy our journey with you and have fun whilst changing the African narrative. We believe passion is key for this to happen! Passion for your business, and passion for the continent

Our Process and timelines

The Kickstarter Olympics will take place over a week from Monday the 1st of March 2021 to Friday the 5th of March 2021 via video conference from the comfort of your office wherever you are on the continent. Here are some important dates:

  • Wed 25th November 2020 – JUA Kickstarter is launched!
  • Sun 31st January 2021 – Olympics Applications close (at exactly midnight)
  • Fri 05th February 2021 – Finalists are announced and sent correspondence
  • Mon 1st March 2021 – The Kickstarter Olympics week kicks off!
    • Day 1 – The Concept Pitch and Defence
    • Day 2 – Your Market, Competition, Growth and Opportunity
    • Day 3 – Your Finances and Risks
    • Day 4 – The Team
    • Day 5 – Our deal discussion and negotiation (and hopefully close!)

Here is How the week itself works:

Each day is a qualification process for the next day.

Between 17:00 and 20:00 CAT all the entrepreneurs qualifying for next stage are notified and announced.
The successful then get given a time slot for their next day (time slots taken on a first come first served basis given limitations). For those not making it through, unfortunately, their journey ends on this day but may try again next year.
Each subsequent day, with each increasingly more detailed theme, selects fewer and fewer entrepreneurs to proceed until on day five VOILA! We shake hands and the deal is done*

A short summary video of the proceedings of each day shall be published on our website and media platforms, ensuring transparency and engagement for everyone following the process, on the edge of their seats!

*A due diligence will be conducted prior to disbursement of funds to ensure that all application and Olympics week representations are indeed true, so please completely transparent and do not embellish in any way

About the fund

The brainchild of African industrialist Adam Molai, the JUA FUND is a pioneering intervention designed exclusively by Africans for Africans to provide solutions to the myriad of challenges facing the Continent.

If you believe your business or idea is the next ‘great thing’, you are encouraged to participate in the JUA FUND’s Venture Capital matchmaking event and get the funding you need to take your business to the next level.

Display your passion for business and your commitment to success, convince the JUA FUND judges of your potential and your company could be on the brink of becoming part of a new approach to sourcing African venture capital that is set to sweep across Africa.


January 31, 2021
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