Connecting jobseekers to employers, one click at at time.


Joblife brings together Employers looking for low-level workers and Jobseekers in an efficient and safe manner.

Our technology can match a qualified individual to an employer’s job posting almost immediately saving the Employer time by saving him from having to go through thousands of CV’s of jobseekers who are not
“right” for the position. 

The benefits to the Jobseeker are numerous. Some of them are:

 Jobseekers can
access their virtual CV from their mobile. We are also in process of having our domain added to Vodacoms “Free-to-browse Career Websites” .

 Jobseekers to do
have to actively look through countless job listings. Our system matches their information to job listings in the background and will SMS the jobseeker when there is a match.


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Location South Africa
Targets South Africa
Sectors EdTech, HealthTech, Internet, Mobile