Jamii Bora Bank

We have set ourselves an ambitious target of becoming one of Kenya’s middle tier banks by the end of 2018. Our goal is to eventually become a Pan-African micro financier, and to grow with our customers towards financial prosperity.

Our main focus will be leveraging on technology to enable our customers and all our stakeholders to have access to a truly robust financial service that will enhance and transform their lifestyles anywhere, anytime. We expect that this will significantly reduce the cost of access to financial services and enable the Bank to bring its services to Kenyans, East Africans and Africans all over the continent.

We also plan to transform all of our sales outlets into fully-fledged bank branches, to invest in new strategically located outlets and to roll out a unique agency banking proposition thereby reaching more customers with not only our flagship enterprise products, but with newer products and services to match their financial needs. We are committed to ensuring that all our customers and members achieve and exceed their own measures of success in every aspect of their lives and turn their dreams into reality!


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Location Nairobi, Kenya
Targets Kenya
Sectors Financial services