J De Lange Consulting & Coaching

I'll double your profits, guaranteed

I help business double their profits, guaranteed! I deliver my services through a combination of consulting and coaching / mentoring.

★ LEADERSHIP: Former CEO, COO, CFO & FD of national and international companies.

★ TRACK RECORD: Turned around & increased the profits of companies between 200% to 1100%.

COO (CFO), Weir Minerals (6 years):
✔ PROFITS: -70 million to 700 million (1100%)
✔ TURNOVER: 400 million to 3 billion (650%)
✔ MERGER/ACQUISITION: Integrated the successful acquisitions of Warman & Linatex

CEO, ZF-Boge ELastmetall (4 years):
✔ PROFITS: -30 million to 95 million (417%)
✔ TURNOVER: 35 million to 250 million (615%)
✔ MERGER/ACQUISITION: Engineered the successful sale of the company

COO (CFO), Lemförder (3 Years):
✔ PROFITS: -28 million to 32 million (214%)
✔ TURNOVER: 560 million to 780 million (406%)

CEO (Regional FD), Cargill South Africa – Tanzania & Malawi (5 years):
✔ PROFITS: -10 million to 65 million (208%)
✔ TURNOVER: 200 million to 350 million (75%)
✔ MERGER/ACQUISITION: Engineered the successful sale of the company to Monsanto

Senior Manager, AfriSam (5 years):
✔ PERFORMANCE: Established the first of each: Customer service; Call center; Marketing & sales; Supply & logistics, Transport Fleet; Pricing strategy; and Credit policies
✔ RESULT: Grew global market share by 5%

Director of Strategy, South African Airways
✔ Engineered the new air fleet acquisition plan (in partnership with Bain)
✔ Engineered the new strategic plan for Technical Division
Consultant to Bosch & Siemens:
✔ Streamlined production process from 2400 units/day, to 100% max capacity of 4500 units/day
✔ Improved delivery lead times through optimised supply chain re-organisation


Location Hartbeespoort, North West, South Africa
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