Inspira Triple Impacto

Un programa de Emprendedores para Emprendedores

About the program

Inspira Triple Impacto aims to provide the necessary tools in training, skills development, personalized advice sessions to Bolivian entrepreneurs who have a positive social and environmental impact on their environment. We will also seek to give visibility to your initiatives on the local and international scene.

The duration will be 11 months, within which three stages will be executed, the first of virtual training, the second of mentoring and finally the dissemination and closing stage. Upon completion of the program, participants will have a solid model that potential investors and the general public can present.

Who can apply?

  • The project is aimed at creative and dynamic entrepreneurs who want to improve the structure of their social business.
  • They must have an ongoing venture that has a positive social and environmental impact. Participants must dedicate at least half time to their initiative and have results of their activity at the time of application.
  • The recommended age is for entrepreneurs between 20 to 40 years old, however each application will be evaluated separately.

The benefits

  • You will learn about value creation, innovation and technology, legal framework, strategic alliances, communication, and social entrepreneurship models.
  • You will receive the support of national and international professionals with experience in personalized mentoring sessions.
  • You will be a participant in international presentations, webinars, and talks.
  • You will create solid contact networks with triple impact ventures
  • Your venture will be displayed on the platforms of the project’s partner institutions
  • You will receive personalized promotional material from your business to boost your business
  • We will create links with institutions that can support and/or finance your business to continue growing


Do not forget to complete your application until December 19! We will start with the training from January 10th!

The training program


January 3, 2022
Organizer Inspira – Alumni Bolivia | Embajada de los EEUU
Website Visit website
Targets Bolivia
Sectors Sector agnostic
SDG (17) All



Name Country Sector(s)
BOB Constructores
Capturing dreams, building realities
Bolivia Construction and manufacturing, Investment managem…
Empowering Women
Bolivia Consulting and business development, Fintech
Luis Daniel Ágreda
Author Design, which communicates and value the universe Bolivia
Bolivia Clothing and textiles production, Educational serv…
Dynamic Green
We recovered raw material to reinsert it into the circulation chain
Bolivia Environmental services, Natural resource protectio…
Sustainable Construction
Bolivia Clean technology and energy, Construction
Cosmétca Natural Sucre
Healthy beauty that doesn't harm the environment
Bolivia Consulting and business development, Retail and wh…
Cruz Verde La Paz
True freedom begins when you grow your own food
Bolivia Agritech, Crop farming, Food production
Metalurgica CARAP
Evoluzion Línea Sólida
Bolivia Construction, Manufacturing, Waste management and …
Healthy Craft Products
Bolivia Food and beverage
JAYA Tejidos
From the remoteness of the countryside, to the warmth of your home.
Bolivia Arts, E-commerce, Retail
Now hygiene accompanied by nature
Bolivia Manufacturing, Packaging
Consultorio pedagógico Luna Educación Activa
Love is like the Moon! when it doesn't grow, it decreases.
Bolivia Educational products, Educational services
We rethink fashion in a craft, sustainable and quality way.
Bolivia Fashion
Asociación de Productores del Bosque
Major producers of the amazon's Asai Silvestre and Organic
Bolivia Food production
NAZ – Carla Pérez
We merge fashion, personalisation and awareness.
Bolivia Clothing and textiles, Clothing and textiles produ…
It is a company dedicated to the manufacture of natural cosmetics
Bolivia Drugs and cosmetics, Natural resource protection, …
Genera Impacto
Your success Genera Impact
Bolivia Consulting and business development
Tierra Mística micro-ecosistamas
Believe, grow and create.
Bolivia Educational products, Natural resource protection,…
Smart Solutions
Bolivia Renewable energy, Solar power
Organic Cosmetics
Bolivia Drugs and cosmetics
Sustainable Technology
Bolivia Clean technology and energy, Educational services,…
Más que Moda
We give you a second chance to use the discarded garments
Bolivia Clothing and textiles production, Fashion, Waste m…
Avicola de Oro
Golden Eggs
Bolivia Animal farming, Crop farming, Food production
Madera plástica
Caring for the environment is the task of all
Bolivia Construction and manufacturing, Furniture, Waste m…
Ama´y Alimentos Deshidratados
Give your food a second chance
Bolivia Clean technology and energy
For an entrepreneurial attitude
Bolivia Educational services