Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Agrifood and Forestry

INOVISA was created in 2005 at the School of Agriculture / University of Lisbon, with the purpose of supporting lecturers, researchers and students in the creation of their own business projects. 

Located in Tapada da Ajuda, at a university campus (University of Lisbon), INOVISA benefits from unique surroundings.Tapada da Ajuda is a botanical park with approximately 247 acres of land, located in the centre of Lisbon (five minutes away from Marquês de Pombal), holding an historical, architectural and botanical heritage of great abundance and diversity.

The aim of Inovisa is to lead the development of innovation and excellence in our operating areas – the agricultural, food and forestry sector – with a focus on the community of Portuguese speaking countries. 

We position ourselves as an open interface structure between the scientific/academic setting and the business framework.

We believe in the agricultural, food and forestry sector, and wish to assist companies in these areas to improve their competitiveness, as a contribution to their success.

We trust in a culture of cooperative innovation to allow the achievement of excellence. 

We create value by sharing knowledge, connecting people and improving skills, whether through supporting entrepreneurship and business development, or by promoting the dissemination of knowledge and technology.


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Location Lisbon, Portugal
Targets Angola, Cabo Verde, Mozambique, Sao Tome and Principe
Sectors Agribusiness, Clean technology, Food and beverage, Renewable energy



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