First global consortium of a new economy, inclusive and sustainable.

INCO is a global consortium running incubation programs and investment activities for more than 500 social and inclusive startups in 18 countries. Our focus in Africa is on social, green and inclusive entrepreneurs who are willing to become changemakers.  


We are a consortium designing a more inclusive and sustainable world by supporting the new generation of entrepreneurs and doers.  Through our impact investing, acceleration and training activities, as well as our capacity to join public, private, academic and philanthropic partners and the media to our cause, we aim to shape a new economy that will create jobs and economic opportunities for all.  We believe in the power of social and tech innovation to co-create game changing solutions to our most pressing economic, social, urban and environmental challenges. We invest in, promote, and support the new generation of entrepreneurs reshaping the world we live in. We believe in the exceptional potential of this new generation of budding entrepreneurs with innovative products and services, sustainable business models, and high impact. We collaborate with public authorities (countries, states, cities, national and international institutions), economic actors (large companies, startups, entrepreneurs) and the civil society (grassroots organizations, nonprofits, NGOs, Foundations, social enterprises) to co-create together the ecosystem to help these entrepreneurs flourish, grow, and thrive.

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