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“The most linked community in the entrepreneurial ecosystem”

Who makes up the community?

Any person or group that is passionate about successfully undertaking and generating a high impact on society. We are a team that identifies problems and we propose innovative and conscious solutions.


Innovative entrepreneurs who want to expand their knowledge, skills, network of contacts, clients and investors. They are characterized by being serial entrepreneurs who seek the best opportunities to be part of the generation that triggers development and innovation in Mexico and Latin America.


Experts in your industry like you, who generate innovative trends and research, find in INCmty a platform to help and inspire others to transcend with their ventures through their experience.

They become INCmty speakers and have the ideology of sharing knowledge and generating networking efficiently.


Do you invest or do you want to invest in companies with high growth potential? We offer you links with the best early-stage startups in Mexico and Latin America, as well as networking between c-levels and other investor communities.

Investors in our community have strong administrative and financial skills and believe in the talent of Latin American entrepreneurs.


If your corporate is constantly looking for innovation in its different areas, this is your community, where you will find intrapreneurship trends and founders of the best startups with disruptive projects.

We are ready to work together and generate business innovation and constructive relationships with the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


If you have a small or medium-sized company and seek to innovate, grow and scale hand in hand with the most relevant business trends, this is for you.

SMEs find in INCmty networking tools, workshops for business innovation and creative collaboration that triggers their growth.


If you are a student of any university in Latin America, you are very important for the future of the world and we want to expand your skills with knowledge and tools so that you can be successful.

It is possible to study and undertake at the same time if you define your goals well and rely on a community like INCmty’s.


If you are a teacher who wants to stay updated in the context of innovation in the world and seeks to inspire in your students the value of practicing entrepreneurship in programs and competitions for them, INCmty is for you.

Scholars find the latest trends in business and technology at INCmty to share with their students.


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