INCAE | Latin American Center for Entrepreneurs

Strengthening the Latin American entrepreneurial sector


Training and specialization of entrepreneurs

The initiative seeks to train future entrepreneurs to strengthen the region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. This is achieved by studying and applying proven tools and methodologies in a controlled environment. The initiative has:

  • We support the academic and teaching programs of INCAE on entrepreneurship, through the formal academic program of masters. Here they are formed by the future entrepreneurs.
  • We bring the best entrepreneurial students for the development of future business ideas in the region, through the René Morales Scholarship for entrepreneurs in Honduras and Nicaragua.
  • We have conducted collaborative and applied sessions with successful entrepreneurs in the region. With these practices, the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Latin America is strengthened.
  • Incubate entrepreneurship projects. Mastery is the birthplace of many startups and responsible for the acceleration and growth of many of these projects in real and successful companies.

Strengthening the region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem

The initiative works on the development and implementation of initiatives that impact entrepreneurship in emerging economies and create synergy between them.

  • We support the alumni or graduates of the MBA through programs aimed at strengthening entrepreneurship in their countries and in the Latin American region.
  • We develop networks of entrepreneurs looking to strengthen local ecosystems by leveraging their multi-disciplinary nature.

Disclosure of Knowledge

The Initiative devotes a good part of its resources to creating spaces for generating and disseminating knowledge about entrepreneurship in emerging economies.

  • We position INCAE as an academic reference in the region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem through academic research and the development of teaching cases on entrepreneurship that are based on Latin American experiences.
  • We organize forums, conferences and other discussion spaces on the reality of entrepreneurship in the Latin American region.

How do we do it?

The INCAE Entrepreneurship Center was launched in 2016, thanks to the generous support of the Charles Haimoff Endowment and the EMBA 2011. Its mission is to promote the region’s entrepreneurship through the organization of academic programs, conferences, webinars, awards, alliances, and other initiatives.

Among the main functions of the LACE is the management of the institution’s specialized expertise in Entrepreneurship, the development of programs and initiatives to support entrepreneurship, such as the Virtual Accelerator, the Acceleration Workshops and the INCAE Emprende Network.

Equally, it works closely with key players in the region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem to drive the changes needed to energize business creation and job creation through specific programs such as the INCAE Entrepreneur Award and the Equity Finance Initiative, among others.

INCAE | Latin American Center for Entrepreneurs

INCAE | Latin American Center for Entrepreneurs


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