iHub Women In Business Program

Working together to grow socially and economically empowered women entrepreneurs


iHub wants to grow the number of socially and economically empowered women entrepreneurs who run women-owned/women-led sustainable businesses working in the ICT sector in Kenya. 


  1. Strengthening the capacity of women entrepreneurs to own and lead sustainable business working in the ICT sector.

      1. Strengthen the capacity of established women entrepreneurs to start, run and grow sustainable businesses that work in the ICT sector

      2. Identify women with the potential for entrepreneurship and nurture them to develop and run sustainable businesses in the ICT sectors

  2. Increasing the number of women-owned and women-led companies working in the ICT sector that can handle big money projects

  3. Strengthening collaboration between different actors in the ICT and innovation sector in order to utilise the learning and perspectives generated by the Women in Business programme to make evidence-based and credible contributions to relevant national and global policy discourses.


Eligibility Requirements 


We are looking for women who have been in business for at least one year and have a product in the market that leverages technology.

The applicant(s) must:

  1. Be a woman:

  2. 18 and above

  3. Reside in Kenya

  4. Have a registered business

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Developing an innovative and scalable product that uses technology 

  2. Has proof of concept and an existing business that is post revenue

  3. Business model must have a clear focus on sustainability. 

  4. at least 1 year in operation

  5. post revenue which means you have begun to generate sales

  6. What do Participants Get?

    1. Networking and exposure to expand your business networks

    2. 6 months of customized support and training based on the startup/SME’s individualized needs

    3. Marketing and exposure through the different  platforms

    4. 1:1 mentoring with experts, coaches and consultants.

    5. Access to ecosystem events hosted by program  partners

    Please note that this programme does not include monetary funding for your business

    How do you become a part of the program

    • Applicants will complete a comprehensive application found online

    • A jury made of key leaders from the implementing partners will select the companies that progress into the final 

    • Applicants must be able to attend biweekly Saturday sessions at the iHub office in Kilimani, Nairobi 

    What is included

    • Successful applicants will 

      • have access to the iHub co-working space  (desk space, meeting rooms for those formal discussions and lounges for laid back conversations, and other membership benefits)

      • participate in a  6 month tailor-made programme that will develop their business acumen and  entrepreneurial and technical skills

      • Have access to business support services that range from legal services, human resources and many others

      • Become more embedded in the East African entrepreneurs community, amplify the impact of their businesses, and ensure the value from their products/solutions and services reach those who would benefit the most

    What is in the curriculum

    • Based on need, successful applicants will have access to the  following resources:

      • Customer Acquisition and Retention

      • Marketing(Digital and Traditional Marketing)

      • Accounting

      • Legal

      • Business structuring and Strategy

      • Leadership

      • Technology support(tools, infrastructure, management  and data)


August 17, 2019
Organizer iHub
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Targets Kenya
Sectors Sector agnostic