Co-Found Accra

The EVENT to find your Co-Founders

We are finally bringing you THE EVENT you’ve been waiting for!

‘Co-Found Accra’ is the most organic environment for you to Connect, Network, Share and Co-Found.

It is the Go-To Event for you to meet face to face with Startups and Co-Founders you’ve been looking for. It is the starting point to form the next great team that makes startup history.


The number one reason why startups fail is the wrong and not fitting mixture of team members. In startup ecosystems like Accra, Lagos and others the hardest part is to find good co-founders in the first place.

Investors do not only invest in the business and numbers in the first place – they invest in YOU, in the team, in your personality, your professionalism and skills. With the wrong co-founders, your chance for growth and success minimizes drastically.


Our Mission is to offer to YOU the platform you need and never had until now to either

  1. Find the co-founders which fit best to you,
  2. To become a co-founder or
  3. To join an existing startup with your special skills.


  • There will be one ’stage’
  • You will have 1 min time to present your startup idea, existing startup or your skills
  • Tell the crowd what and who you are looking for
  • Talk with each other and team up
  • Go and meet international startup mentors of our partner enpact e.V. and let them help you with you business model
  • Go and talk to our other partner MEST and check out their training and accelerator program
  • And then go and talk to Diana, pitch expert and co-founder of the fintech BezoMoney
  • Finally go home after an awesome event and rock the startup ecosystem!

Yes! All included in the ticket price.

Of course there will be drinks and snacks (included in the ticket price).


Corporate and business people, Students, Creatives, Designers, Developers, Hackers, Software Engineers, Hardware Engineers, Inventors and Investors, Consultants, Freelancers, Entrepreneurs and certainly Startups of all shapes, sizes and stages.


Feb 11, 2020: 19:00 - 22:00
Organizer IDEA Seed Africa
Website Visit website
Accra, Greater Accra Region, Ghana
Targets Ghana
Sectors Sector agnostic