ICS & Ka Tutandike

Symposium: Scaling Social Business in East Africa. 18 - 20 November 2015



ICS is a Netherlands based development organization. It works closely
together with the local population of Kenya and Tanzania to get social
and economic development going. The basic principle is that locals take
responsibility ‘for their own lives’, so that their communities develop
not only successfully, but also sustainably.

Many of ICS’s projects are set up as social businesses. At this
moment there are three of them, each focusing on agriculture: Agrics
Kenya, Agrics Tanzania and Alizetics. Once a social business has
achieved financial independence, ICS can put the invested money from
donors to use again.

ICS combines all economic activities with social activities aimed at
protecting children and improving their social environment. The
combination of these activities creates cross-fertilization which has a
positive effect on the welfare as well as the well-being of parents and

Ka Tutandike Uganda (KTU)

KTU is a community-based organization founded in 2006, with the
mandate to empower vulnerable communities in Uganda.  It is primarily
child focused, and has to-date demonstrated tangible and positive change
in the communities it serves with significant improvements in the early
childhood development (ECD) of children living in conditions of extreme
poverty in and around urban markets.

Today, aligned to Ka Tutandike there is a Social Enterprise – “KATU
Honey” in which disabled persons process pure raw honey and packages and
sells to the local market. This new strategy is aimed at economically
empowering and transferring ownership directly to beneficiaries whilst
providing a source of income and sustainability for the charity to scale
up its ECD and other social services to the communities that it
serves.  It is also supporting  2 ECD centres in high poverty settings
at the Gabba and Natete markets which are operating as community-run
social enterprises.


Location Kampala, Central Region, Uganda
Targets Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, United Republic of, Uganda
Sectors Agribusiness, Education, Healthcare