Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation


Boosting and developing entrepreneurial culture, the competencies and resources of people and organizations to generate value for society through innovation.

Objective 1

Develop and implement their own model of entrepreneurship training with an emphasis on mainstreaming, experiential learning and multidisciplinarity.

Objective 2

Building, participating and growing networks of actors promoting entrepreneurship and innovation in the city, country and region.

Goal 3

Attracting and training human talent with the skills needed to support the creation of an innovation ecosystem in the region.

Goal 4

Generate resources to make it into a high self-manageable and sustainable percentage in i3lab.

Objective 5

Staying at the forefront of the knowledge, techniques and tools of the state of global art in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Objective 6

Supporting innovation and technology transfer processes at ESPOL and in networks of local, national and international actors.

Objective 7

Facilitating physical and service spaces to support and accelerate innovative ventures that permeate the culture of ESPOL.    


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Location Ecuador
Targets Ecuador
Sectors Sector agnostic