Enterpreneurs Plastics Innovation Challenge (EPIC)

Seeking scalable solutions to eliminate plastic waste


Déc 4
HYBR Group Accélérateur
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EPIC is an innovation challenge aimed at identifying solutions to eliminate plastic waste in Nigeria by sourcing sustainable solutions with the purpose of identifying, developing and scaling potential circular innovations from entrepreneurs, wherever they may be.


It is our pleasure to announce the Entrepreneurs’ Plastics Innovation Challenge (EPIC) brought to you by Coca Cola and HYBR. This project is a quest towards identifying solutions to eliminate plastic waste in Nigeria by discovering, developing and deploying circular innovation.


EPIC works as a platform to crowdsource ideas and solutions from Nigeria and abroad in order to solve the plastic waste problem and validate these ideas and/or solutions into scalable ventures.

EPIC hinges on cross-value chain collaboration, bringing together all stakeholders to develop and expedite the initiative to eliminate plastic waste. It focuses on solutions around collection, recycling, consumption and uses.

We invite entrepreneurs, innovators, designers, students, scientists, academics, and NGOs from anywhere to apply.

1) The top 10 ventures will be invited to an Innovation Bootcamp in Lagos, Nigeria.

2) Three (3) ventures will be selected for an 8-week market traction program.

3) Development, submission and pitching of business case for expansion. $10k funding support per team to prototype with the potential for a commercial contract upon success with potential commercial opportunity in excess of $10m.

For more information please visit : www.hybrgroup.net/epic

Application closes: December 4, 2018.