Horizan VC

We invest in idea-stage founders using CFEA


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Runway East Borough Market, 20 St Thomas St, London SE1 9RS, UK
Business services, Clean technology and energy, Consumer non-durables, Creative, media and entertainment, Education, Financial services, Healthcare, ICT
9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, 10. Reduced Inequality

Horizan VC aims to invest in Side Hustle and Idea Stage UK/EU founders using a Convertible Future Earnings Agreement, which is part equity and part future earnings agreement.

To summarize, here are the terms:

  • We invest £10K-30K checks in exchange for 1-3% equity.
  • The founder pays 10% of their monthly income if it’s at or above £2500 per month. Pay nothing if it’s not.
  • Repayment cap at 1.5x over 5 years or 2.0x over 10 years. If you raise a qualifying round of £700k or more, we convert to equity at invested amount.