1er Mapeo de Luchadores Sociales

It gives us a lot of pleasure to share that HAZLALUCHA, the movement of Social Struggers in Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America, in collaboration with the UNDP Bolivia and the Community of Social Entrepreneurs of Bolivia is launching the “1st Mapping of the Struggling and Social Fighters”

If you are looking for or are generating some kind of transformation in your community or neighborhood, organization, job or company attending to problems or empowering opportunities, be it in an individual or collective way, you may be a Luchador or a Social Fighter, so we are interested to know about your initiative and experience. Participate in mapping.

  By participating in mapping you will be helping:

Join us as a single society through the solution of our most pressing issues and needs, matching those with the most needs, with those with the most opportunities. So we will achieve:

  • Developing the capabilities of future social fighters and wrestlers.
  • Consolidating capabilities of those who are already fighters and social fighters.
  • Mapping social causes.
  • Activate your causes in your neighborhood, community, or business
  • Give support for managing your causes through public policies.

We would love to reach more people and for that we ask for your support with the dissemination of the “First Mapping of the Fighting and Social Struggling”. We know it can be of great value to entrepreneurs in your community.


January 31, 2022
Organizer Haz la lucha
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