Thrive 2018

An acceleration program for Kumasi based start-ups.

Has your brilliant concept taken off already? Get the push it deserves by applying to Thrive 2018 and take your start-up to the next level.

Thrive 2018 is a business acceleration program for start-ups that have proven their business idea, have a customer base and are looking at scaling their operations.  10-12 start-ups will be selected through an application process. The selected start-ups will receive comprehensive business acceleration for 3 months.  

The package includes but not limited to the following: office space, business training, programming/tech support, business development (including marketing), legal advice, accounting support and fund-raising support.   

Duration (Dates have been revised)

The program will start on 23rd April 2018 and ends on 29th June 2018 

The Process (Dates have been revised)

  • 12th February – Application opens 
  • 30th March – Application closes
  • 2nd to 5th April –shortlisting of applicants
  • 9th to 12th April – Interviews
  • 13th  April – Announcement of successful applicants
  • 23rd April – Acceleration begins

Selection Criteria

Apart from the team’s ability to demonstrate passion and commitment toward their start-ups, the following general criteria shall apply:

  1.  Although not a strict requirement, we prefer a team size of 2-3 co-founders.
  2. Start-ups must be technology-enabled businesses (not necessarily tech start-ups) or a Social Enterprise that have the potential to scale and turn in profits.
  3. Start-ups must have been operating for at least 2 years.
  4. Start-up team members must be physically present in Kumasi to fully participate in all activities.
  5. All start-up team members are required to complete the Thrive 2018 syllabus through our bi-weekly (every two weeks) business training program. 
  6. An average of six contact hours a week (2 hours a day for three days) is required to complete the syllabus in three months.
  7. All start-up team members must also be available to fully participate in other activities of the Thrive 2018 program such as mentoring sessions, customer surveys/interviews, demo day and press events. 

Please note

We have a soft spot for:

  • Teams that have female founders.
  • Teams with technical co-founders  

Program Benefits 

  1. Office space: All start-ups shall be given office space in a co-working environment at no cost for the entire period of the incubation program i.e. three months. This comes with free internet.
  2. Technical support: There will be a team of developers to support start-ups that need technical assistance to power their businesses on web, mobile or cloud platforms.
  3. Business development support: For any business documentation needed – contracts, service level agreements, non-disclosure agreements, shareholder/partnership agreements, business and marketing plans, etc. – the business development team will be on call to assist.
  4. Professional services: Your team’s selection to this program means, for three months, you have access to free legal, accounting and business consulting services.
  5. Branding and promotion: Start-ups will have free access to our video and graphic equipment to create digital content for promoting their businesses. Start-ups will also be supported to promote their brands online.
  6. Business training: All start-ups shall receive comprehensive business training on business model design, product development, digital marketing, investor pitching and raising capital, etc.
  7. Fundraising: The ultimate goal of Thrive 2018 is to make all start-ups investor-ready. By the end of the incubation period, start-ups will have the opportunity to apply to various investors and funding institutions to get funding for their businesses.

Please direct all inquiries to or you may WhatsApp the following numbers: +233248740284, +233200447661, +233503567166


March 30, 2018
Program dates Apr 16 - Aug 14, 2018
Organizer Hapaspace
Website Visit website
Targets Ghana
Sectors Sector agnostic