Hack for Big Choices – Africa

The largest hackathon ever in West-Africa

What is a hackathon?


A Hackathon is an event that brings people together to use their skills to tackle the issues they care the most about solving. By combining their unique skills with the talents of others at the hackathon, participants will design solutions that solve some of our biggest problems. But that’s not all! Participants receive prizes for creating the top solutions. Everyone walks away from the event gaining new expertise, new ideas, new friends, awesome memories, and new solutions to solve some of the biggest problems facing Ghana today.


Have you ever wondered what kind of an impact you could make for your country if you connected with your peers to get creative together?


This Friday 20th of February, at 6pm, we are creating the opportunity for local, talented students and entrepreneurs to leave their mark on the future of Ghana with the support of international organizations such as, Facebook, WordPress, US Embassy, US Government, MEST, UNICEF, Hub Accra, and many more.


We expect it to be the largest hackathon ever in West-Africa. You can read on TechCrunch or HuffingtonPost why.


This is an opportunity to spend a weekend where you can get free knowledge, free food and drinks, and the chance to meet amazing people! Yes, tickets are free, but limited.


Get your ticket here now:



Here are some answers that can clear your doubts:


Who can participate?


Everyone is welcome! It doesn’t matter which grade you are in, if you haven’t been to any hackathon before, if you already have a business, or if you are thinking to start one. You don’t need to be into IT – Come with marketing skills, design skills, writing skills or just your best ideas!


Which skills are requested?


To create valuable solutions, problems need to be approached by different angles. For this reason, just like in real companies, the best solutions come from people with different skills to collaborate together on a single solution.


What are the focus areas of the hackathon?


The three main challenges are Health and Sanitation, Design and Technology, and Education. You can find more information here.


What do we expect at the end of the hackathon?


We expect viable solutions to real problems. The solutions can be implemented or executed once the hackathon is over. You will have to present to the judges the most complete version of the business you intend to launch. It can be a prototype, a business plan, a detailed presentation or minimum viable products (hardware and software). You can see an example here.


Why is this an amazing opportunity?


  • You will have the chance to meet people who can help you take what you have created to form a functional business

  • Learn from mentors who are experts in their field. They will contribute and help you to learn new skills and methodologies

  • Enlarge your personal network with other like minded students and entrepreneurs

  • Your chance to put your name among the new generation of leaders in Ghana

  • Spend a fun weekend to discover how to use the skills you have worked so hard to learn


Since this is a great opportunity and we will be providing everything to help you be focused on building your dream business, tickets are limited.


Get yours here now: https://egotickets.com/events/hack-for-big-choices-africa


What’s the agenda?


  • Friday: Opening with dinner, music and cocktails at 6 pm to 11 pm. Afterward you can can get started

  • Saturday focused on ideation, process and Facebook Workshops

  • Sunday after lunch judges will evaluated the startup idea


All 3 days will include, good food, fresh smoothies, music and many other activities. Over the coming days we will share a detailed agenda.


Where’s the venue?


The venue is a nice spacious private building that can host 1000 people. It’s located by Ako-adjei park, in Osu, Accra. You will find clear signs on the street


What is Hub Accra?


Hub Accra is the leading coworking and innovation center in Accra – offering workspace, programs that help entrepreneurs develop their ideas, a makerspace and mobile app development lab.


What’s Hack for Big Choices?


Hack for Big Choices is a San Francisco based global movement with the mission to empower talented people to solve local problems by developing innovative products and businesses. You can learn more on: h4bc.org

Where I can sleep?


We will a designated sleeping area where you can rest, and take a shower. If you have your own sleeping bag, we recommend you to bring it along. There are also hostels around the venue if you prefer separate accommodations.


How do I get there?


If you are a group of at least 10 students, we will provide transportation, The bus will come to pick you up between 4 and 5 pm on Friday 20th February. Please make sure you and your friends sign up here.


How to connect with us?


If you have any questions or need clarification, please call us at +233540832867 or email us at: hello@h4bc.org


February 20, 2015
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