Bind 4.0: Plataforma de innovación abierta

Platform for open innovation

Join Industry 4.0’s largest open innovation catalyst

About the

Program Since 2016, BIND 4.0 launches a call for the most innovative technology startups around the world for the purpose of creating new disruptive projects for the industry. 

Join one of the largest open innovation catalysts in Europe that connects emerging industry 4.0 companies with corporate enterprise clients.


BIND 4.0 has three main objectives: Accelerate the development of startups in the Basque industrial ecosystem, promote digital transformation of companies and position the Euskadi ecosystem as a hub for advanced industrial entrepreneurship.

This triple objective has served you to position yourself as one of the most bet programs. for innovation, technology and entrepreneurship at the international level.


Startups will be able to register until September 8 through the web of the

Enrollment Requirements

BIND 4.0 program seeks startups from five continents that have disruptive technology products and services. It is also required that your technological solution is already on the market or in its latest development phase and can bring value to partner companies.

Why show up?

Once within the program of acceleration and open innovation, participating startups have a variety of benefits. Among those found:

  • Connecting to the Innovation Ecosystem in Industry 4.0: They will have access to reference companies based in Euskadi and participate in networking activities with the Industry 4.0 open innovation ecosystem.
  • Getting the first clients: They will be able to develop their innovative technology from the 70 leading companies of the sector based in Euskadi that are part of the corporate partners of the acceleration program, and test with them their viability in the market. All participants will get one or more contracts.
  • Contar with expert advice: More than 40 specialist mentors in enterprise acceleration, new technologies market strategies Industry 4.0, innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Access to investors: BIND 4.0 has a Venture Club, an investor club, aligned with the accelerator’s specialization, which aims to strengthen support services and promote contact between participating startups and specialized investment entities. 
  • And to sources of funding, economic aid and free workspace in the BICs, Business and Innovation Centers of Euskadi.

About Bind 4.0

BIND 4.0 is a public-private initiative of Industry 4.0 created by the Department of Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment of the Basque Government, through the SPRI Group, which has become an international reference program, since its founding in 2016. Since then, BIND 4.0 has accelerated more than 160 startups and developed over 240 projects, exceeding 7 million euros in billing.

Currently, BIND 4.0 has two initiatives to innovate in the industry. A program of acceleration and open innovation aimed at startups to develop projects with large corporate enterprises and, on the other hand, the program BIND 4.0 SME Connection, aimed at the development of new technologies in collaboration with industrial SMEs. 


September 8, 2022
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