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Farming is at the heart of the Kenyan economy

Farming is at the heart of the Kenyan economy; it is a major employer and contributor to the country’s exports. Kenya is a leading producer of tea, coffee and fresh produce, with cabbages, onions, mangoes, corn, potatoes and bananas among the main crops.

The Kenyan government’s Vision 2030 affirms agriculture as the country’s economic backbone, and as vital to attaining its ambition of “a globally competitive and prosperous country with a high quality of life”. Under Vision 2030, the government is focusing on national irrigation schemes to expand food supplies and reduce food prices. It is also seeking to reduce reliance on maize, the staple food crop, by promoting other high-value food crops, establishing a fertilizer plant in Kenya, and partnering with the Brazilian government to help farmers gain access to affordable machinery. The government is reviewing many of its agriculture policies, looking at livestock, organic farming, fisheries and specific value chains within the agricultural sector.


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