The #innov8GH incubation program

from idea to start-up

About the program 


The Ghana Innovation Hub offers support for early-stage businesses. During this three month #innov8GH program, we will help you with the market validation of your idea. This means further defining the problem, developing the right offer, finding the first customers, designing your operations, your team and building the right partnerships for your business.

During the program, you will have access to the co-working space of the Ghana Innovation Hub. You will also have access to a market validation up to 6,000GHC, based on action plans from the workshops and linked to milestones which we jointly set for your business. At the end of the program you should have a business model with a first proof of concept and a plan which allows you to further build your business. The most viable business (through peer, coach and jury review) gets 50,000GHC (in a combination of cash, office space and further support) for their next steps.

We will be selecting up to 15 businesses. We will be looking for people with technical skills rather than the business idea; or teams which combine both. Up to 2 people per business can participate in the program. Our selection criteria are:

  • A problem-based business idea – focused on customer needs, but with the potential for a commercially viable model
  • (Technical) skills with the entrepreneur or in the team
  • Ideally the entrepreneur has tested the idea in the market or even started first operations
  • Availability for selection days, program dates and availability to work on market validation (with your team) during the three months
  • Located in the greater Accra region and/or be able to pay for own transport to- and from the Ghana Innovation Hub
  • Preference will be given to those who have not participated in previous programs

To ensure participation and commitment to the program, businesses will pay a GHC500 deposit upon selection which will be refunded to them after full participation for the program sessions.


January 5, 2020
Program dates Feb 6 - Apr 23, 2020
Organizer Ghana Innovation Hub
Website Visit website
Targets Ghana
Sectors Sector agnostic