Entrepreneurs Expo | Future Females Gauteng

Our vision is to create a space that will provide businesses a chance to connect

About The Expo

Businesses have been deeply impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. In direct response Future Females Johannesburg in partnership with Future Females Pretoria is organizing its first Future Females Gauteng Entrepreneurs Expo. The Expo platform will provide an opportunity for women entrepreneurs (new, start-ups and established) to connect and leverage from the Future Females community at large. It’s an opportunity to network and for businesses to connect with buyers.

Our vision is to create a space that will provide businesses a chance to connect with business investors, mentors and other partners, and vice versa.

You can look forward to Business Talks and Keynote Sessions from experts and mentors across the Business and Entrepreneurship fields.

It’s the ideal platform to stimulate business growth and motivate both current and aspiring entrepreneurs.

What is Future Females?

Future Females is a global community of female entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs who are taking their career into their lives, learning the hard skills to grow in business and the soft skills to drive it. Our mission is to accelerate the success of aspiring and existing female entrepreneurs – to provide an environment where females can connect, and access the key resources (mentorship, funding, education) needed to succeed! Keen to become a member? Click here to join our waitlist: https://futurefemalesmembership.co/shop/?add-to-cart=985…

We are pro women, not anti-men. Men are always welcome! This is an inclusive event.

Future Females Johannesburg is sponsored by Payfast, FNB, and Future Space and Jolly Local.


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Become a part of a community that is home to a variety of sellers, who ultimately grow the local small business industry.


Nov 27, 2021: 10:00 - 16:59
Organizer Future Females
61 Katherine St, Dennehof, Sandton, 2196, South Africa
Targets Africa
Sectors Sector agnostic
SDG (4)
10. Reduced Inequality, 16. Peace and Justice Strong Institutions, 17. Partnerships to achieve the Goal, 5. Gender Equality