Fundación Trabajo Empresa

The Fundación Trabajo Empresa is a non-profit institution, created as an instrument of economic and social development, with a mixed directory made up of people from the State, the Municipality, the Private Enterprise and Civil Society, with legal personality recognized by the Prefectural Resolution No. 333/2002.


The Foundation has for fundamental purposes:

  1. Contributing to the sustainable economic and social development of the population of the Department of Santa Cruz.
  2. Contributing to the sustainable human development of the Santa Cruz Department’s population.
  3. Contributing to the development and strengthening of the micro and small business of the Department of Santa Cruz.


For the fulfilment of the established Fines the Foundation proposes the following specific objectives:

  1. Incentives for employment and development of the labour market, with an approach to inclusion and social integration with equity.
  2. Support the competitive and productive development of the micro and small enterprise of the Department.
  3. Articular and channel
  4. Generate knowledge and information that promotes the employment and business development of the Department.
  5. Generating opportunities for economic and social development for vulnerable groups in the department of Santa Cruz.
  6. Dynamizing the labor market, promoting the Training and Training of Human Resources, fostering local employment initiatives and gender equity and the access of people with disabilities to work and

These objectives are both enunciative and non-restrictive in terms of the scope that the Foundation pursues.


The Foundation Work Foundation has for Mission the promotion of economic development and promotion of the labor market, under a model of high technical and social responsibility for long-term sustainability, seeking excellence and positive impact in each activity, strengthening synergies between the interests of the State, the private sector, civil society and universities, through the articulation of capacities and resources of local actors and international cooperation, providing services to the micro and small enterprises, the unemployed and vulnerable groups of society.


The Vision of the Foundation Work Company is to be a proactive institution in the creation of social impact enterprises and the promotion of decent employment, through a mixed management Civil Society and national and international resources.

Our Networks

In the same way, with the objective of To develop synergies of the participation and concertation of the different sectors, lideriza for the third consecutive year, the Santa Cruz Node of the Bolivian Network. Department of departmental scope of which public and private institutions participate in favor of the development of an entrepreneurial culture, and which is part of the Bolivian Network Emprenter.

In addition, from the year 2011 the Fundación Trabajo Empresa is the Technical Secretariat of the Network Bolivia Emprentider, which is a network of institutions that work for the promotion of an entrepreneurial culture in Bolivia and that has the mission to promote coordination and alliances among the actors and to increase the value added of the services they provide, so that their work is more

Technical Secretariat of the Bolivian Enterprise Network since its foundation until December 2010 was led by FUNDAPRO, in the city of La Paz, since January 2011 the secretariat was transferred to the city of Santa Cruz led by the Fundación Trabajo Empresa under the coordination of its director René Salomon.


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Targets Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay
Sectors Sector agnostic
SDG (3)
1. No Poverty, 12. Responsible Consumption and Production, 17. Partnerships to achieve the Goal