Fundación Mercantil Santa Cruz


We are the social arm of the Banco Mercantil Santa Cruz, committed to contributing to the development of society through the execution of sustainable programs that benefit people in a situation of vulnerability, promoting activities in the economic, social and environmental fields, directly or through partnerships and cooperation agreements with public and private institutions.


We are a Foundation committed to its community, creating and building social, human and natural capital,   inspiring commitment and responsibility in all our interest groups.​
  • School, technical and university training activities.
  • Research and development in the fields of education, science, health, sports and culture.
  • Initiatives aimed at benefiting people in a situation of vulnerability, seeking access to education, health and multidisciplinary knowledge.
  • Activities of a productive nature to help People and families in need.
Also, the Foundation carries out its objectives through its own programs and in collaboration with public and private institutions, as well as promoting corporate social responsibility.


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Location La Paz, Bolivia
Targets Bolivia
Sectors Financial services
SDG (2)
17. Partnerships to achieve the Goal, 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth