Fundación Déjame Intentarlo

Nutrition, health and education.

Dejame Try is a non-profit Foundation that aims to carry out the development triangle through nutrition, health and education.

Our strategy is to develop innovative social proposals that promote capacity building and turn participants into actors of change within their communities.

About Us

Fundación Dejame Trying is currently shaping up as a palpable solution for the population of the municipality of Ciudad Sandino on issues of integral formation. Our effort is based on the unique and genuine desire to bring progress to the communities where we serve and promote the development of capabilities that empower people to improve their quality of life, with the ultimate conviction of being the protagonist of their own destiny. Each project we have undertaken leads to sustainability, as a factor of success and humility, as the premise that we cannot do everything, but we can do everything to achieve this.

Our commitment continues to be a broad vision of sustainable development, through which we are committed to being the main technical skills trainers in the country, as a service consents to the fact that our young people will be permanent and valuable links within the economic development of our country. Imbibing in them indelible values and entrepreneurial spirit that makes the difference between those who live only one day at a time and those who actually seek to be catalysts for change.

Purpose and goals

  • The promotion and collaboration in achieving the integral development of children, adolescents and young people at risk.
  • Education training for young people and adults providing them with the opportunity to carry out traditional, vocational and technical education that will enable them to develop as a valuable resource for the future.
  • Creating opportunities for people with different abilities, for the continuation of studies, social, work and family reinsertion, strengthening their self-esteem and encouraging them in their own efforts to
  • To support the Nicaraguan population in terms of health by promoting preventive and curative medicine programs.
  • To promote and promote environmental education through the implementation of educational programs and the creation of environments that allow their realization to make the Nicaraguan population aware of the value of Nature.
  • Serving companies as a vehicle for the fulfillment of their Corporate Social Responsibility.


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Location Nicaragua
Targets Nicaragua
Sectors Education, Healthcare