eVentures Africa Fund

eVentures Africa Fund (eVA Fund) was launched in 2010; since 2016 we’re fully invested, so eVA Fund I is officially closed. We’re currently considering the launch of a 2nd Fund. Further announcements can be expected by mid 2017.

eVA Fund is dedicated to mobilize capital and sustainable tech experience to invest in small and medium sized African internet related companies. eVA Fund focusses on development in terms of capital and business development support, i.e. knowledge, experience, access to proven business concepts/applications, and network.

The target region is sub-Saharan Africa. eVA Fund has done 12 investments, in Ghana, Kenya, Zambia and South Africa.  4 have been liquidated; 4 exited and currently 4 are still actively managed.

eVentures Africa Fund (eVA Fund) was launched as a private pilot fund in January 2010 and is currently managed by its founder Vincent Kouwenhoven.

The ultimate goal of eVA Fund is investing capital and knowledge to strengthen small and medium sized internet related enterprises thus securing and creating jobs and income for large African communities and with that, generating attractive financial returns for investors.


eVentures Africa Fund considers applications of investment that meet the following criteria:

  • Existing business with a track record of 2 to 5 years
  • Funding requirements of $100.000 to $1.000.000
  • Businesses in sub-SaharanAfrica
  • Business focus: internet and/or mobile applications, platforms, e-commerce and solution-providers (i.e. not in infrastructure and hardware)
  • Sound strategy and businessmodel
  • Profitable, now or within a limited period of timee

VA Fund I is fully invested. We’re currently considering the launch of a 2nd Fund. Further announcements can be expected bymid 2017.


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