Startup Circles AI

Business Funding for women led businesses and female founders


We believe it’s time for businesses to seize the moment, adapt, change and reinvent in order to build a better world. In partnership with Startup Circles we have launched a program to help support new and existing businesses that are focused on solving issues and systemic problems to help build a new world going forward. 

What Are We Looking For?

  • Businesses that are focused on solving problems for Southern Africa (SADC). The business must either be based or serve/operate in the region. 
  • The idea/business must be scalable and able to operate on a large scale or have a large addressable market. 
  • For profit ideas/businesses. We are not able to support charitable concepts at this time. 
  • Female or mixed gender Leadership. 

If Selected What will you Get? 

  • If you are at the ideation stage you will likely first be put through the Startup Circles programme. This will provide you with world class mentorship, training and the help to validate your business quickly and efficiently. 
  • If you are an existing business and have validated your concept – equity seed funding will be available.
  • There is the possibility of receiving both mentoring, education and seed funding.  


August 31, 2021
OrganizerEnygma Ventures
Targets Africa
Sectors Sector agnostic