Empresas Polar



We are a business foundation sponsored exclusively by Polar Companies, since our birth in 1977.

Reason to be

Polar Foundation is an institution created by Polar Companies, whose purpose is to serve Venezuela by participating responsibly and actively in shaping a society with realistic and pluralistic criteria, in the search for a harmonious relationship between the human being and his environment.

Fundación Empresas Polar carries out direct execution projects or through agreements with public and private institutions, in key areas for the country.

Focus of action

At Fundación Empresas Polar we seek to promote local development through various programs, initiatives and activities that positively impact the communities of the six territories defined by the Polar Companies, where their production and marketing operations are located.

This strategy focuses primarily on the generation of capacities in different groups of the population, in order to contribute to the production of the transformations that are required to achieve integral human development. A development that takes into account their potential, skills, and relationship practices that enable them to generate processes to positively transform their lives, their families ‘ lives and those of their environment.

To promote and promote this model of local development we consider education, in its broadest sense, as the most effective vehicle.


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Location Venezuela
Targets Venezuela
Sectors Food and beverage
SDG (4)
1. No Poverty, 17. Partnerships to achieve the Goal, 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth, 9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure