Emprendo Verde

Sustainable business network

We are a community of entrepreneurs who understand business in another way, who know that we must create companies with a different look, that we know how to differentiate through the sustainability and the circular development of companies. We support everyone who wants to develop circular/sustainable businesses, who understand that sustainability is efficiency in the use of resources, therefore a decrease in costs and consequently more profitability for the companies.


We develop permanently events where we gather the #Emprendedores #Circulares to listen to the experience of trained entrepreneurs and to share, generate ideas and make #Networking.


We are currently developing new workshops for #Emprendedores and #Empresas, in them we deliver the tools needed for the development of a circular entrepreneurship.


You want to support you in our mentors, we accompany you in the development of your idea of sustainable business, we help to order you and to achieve your goals, it is an accompaniment of those who have achieved it!


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Location Chile
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