Emprende UP Universidad del Pacífico

Innovation Centre


We are the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of the Pacific. We promote, articulate and disseminate all the activities related to the development of the business culture in the country, the birth of new business initiatives and the strengthening of an entrepreneurial ecosystem that contributes to the growth of the country and the well-being of society.

With this aim, we develop programs and new projects that seek to empower entrepreneurs and to promote innovation, employment generation, productivity and competitiveness in the country.


In Emprende UP we believe that entrepreneurship and innovation are the most powerful engines for the development of the country and the world; for that reason, we focus on developing and enhancing the skills and competencies of our entrepreneurs by giving strategic sense to their projects and we encourage their focus to be focused on their clients or users.


We believe in trust, collaboration and commitment; likewise, in the constant innovation and enthusiasm and power of passionate people. We believe in entrepreneurs, in the development of their entrepreneurial skills and skills and in the mechanisms that ensure the sustainability and scalability of their enterprises.


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Location Peru
Targets Peru
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