Empowering Women Students


Empowering Venezuelan women, adolescents and girls to be integral leaders and agents of change in politics, entrepreneurship, university, community and NGOs.


A Venezuela where women and men work together, enjoy the same rights and opportunities, strengthen their capabilities to drive change

What is EmpoderaME?

We are a non-governmental non-profit organization, dedicated to the empowerment of Venezuelan women, adolescents and girls through education.

Our goal is to turn them into leaders and agents of change for the country. Promoting their participation and role in the social, political, citizen, cultural, educational, scientific and business sectors.

In EmpoderaME …

  • Empowered women, adolescents and girls to take leadership roles in different areas of action, be agents of change and contribute to the common welfare of the country.
  • We form integral leaders with a vocation of service, responsibility and social sensitivity, that serve as a reference and example for other women who want to start their path of empowerment.
  • We faithfully believe in men as important allies of women for the construction of a more just, united and united country.
  • We promote democratic, civil and citizen values as a fundamental basis for the protection and defense of freedom, human rights and equal rights and opportunities.


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Location Venezuela
Targets Venezuela
Sectors Business services
SDG (2)
17. Partnerships to achieve the Goal, 5. Gender Equality