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EMEA Consultancy offers companies, private equity firms, and institutions successful strategies. Through our capabilities-driven approach, we are supporting pharma, biotech, medtech and digital health companies to align their strategic direction to the core capabilities necessary to thrive in evolving market and we work with largest players in the industry to early stages.

Early-stage product lifecycle: we help early-stage companies focus their growth strategy by analyzing the pipeline, investment decision and market location. We help to build partnerships with potential companies and to raise capital needed at every stage.

Growth development stage: we provide strategies in commercialization with planning support to launch the product into a new market. We help to develop pricing strategy, customer engagement and build the capacity needed to unlock performances.

Value creation and deal-making: We support companies at every stage of the deal life cycle, we help to connect with the investment opportunities and we support the entire process of execution to post-transaction.

We help pharmaceutical biotechnology companies identify promising business growth opportunities and assist clients in developing partnership and acquisition strategies. We use our experience in capital raising for biotech, establish company and product launching.


  • Opportunity mapping, business development and corporate partnership
  • Asset scouting and private capital raising, deal-making strategy and go to market
  • New market entry and search partners, positioning strategy and brand excellence

The large and diverse challenges in medical products and diagnostics require proven strategies with unique competitive positioning. We work with clients to identify new marketing opportunities based on deep insights from physician, stakeholder and healthcare organization market research.


  • Improve profitability to enhance competitive edge, enhance the delivery system, quality and operational cost
  • Increase product value to meet every market need and to build proven methods to respond to customer demand
  • Assist the product life cycle, the concept, product development and Go to market strategy.


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