Africa Moves

The Largest African Event On Tech And Innovation


May 19
Apr 16 - 9:00 - May 19, 2019 - 23:30
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Adtech, Agritech, Clean technology, Clean technology and energy, Fintech, ICT, Information technology, Nanotech

AFRICA MOVES is the defining event for the development of Africa and the largest African event dedicated to tech and innovation.

We offer 230 African (and African descendant) startups a chance to join the events in Tunis, Singapore, Dakar or CES Las Vegas. Do not miss these fantastic opportunities!
If your startup is selected for one of the Africa Moves events, you will receive the following:
• An all-inclusive benefits package: flights, accommodations, meals, pass to the event, a turnkey, connected booth.
• Your startup or product will also be presented during the Forum as a solution to Africa’s challenges.
• You will be granted the opportunity to pitch in front of the 100 investors present at the event and/or in front of potential customers or partners.
• You will be granted $1000 Microsoft Azure Cloud credits per startup. This will provide startups with opportunities to scale within Africa Moves network and access to  bootcamps, learning opportunities, events, workshops and IoT support.
Out of the 230 startups selected for AFRICA MOVES events:
• 100 startups will be invited to THE BIG SUMMIT in Tunis
• 50 startups will be invited to THE BUSINESS TOUR in Singapore
• 50 startups will be invited to THE INNOVATION DAYS in Dakar
• 30 startups will be invited on the AFRICA MOVES Pavilion at CES Las Vegas 2020
Below are the criteria we require from successful candidates:
• Startup company must be legally registered in Africa or have been founded and managed by a natural person from the African diaspora.
• Startup company must be more than 3 years old (as of their official incorporation date).
• Startup must be generating revenue
• Ownership of the startup must be in majority detained by a natural person(s).
• The product(s) sample or design displayed during the call for projects must be applicable to the entire African continent.
• Teams participating in the call for projects must at least speak French or English fluently. Applications in both English and French are accepted.
• This call for projects does not give preference to any specific industry as long as it is innovative and related to the field of technology and/or sustainable development.

Every year Africa Moves showcases new countries and their connection to Africa. We encourage startups to apply for the program to be selected for one of the events listed below

Five days of events bringing together 8,000 leaders in innovation, startups, investors as well as tech lovers from across Africa and other parts of the world with an objective to meet and exchange ideas. This mega event features: a 1-day summit uniting 1,000 industry leaders, a 3-day forum joined by 2,000 tech professionals and 150+ speakers, a 3-day exhibition that stretches over 20,000 sqm of stands showcasing 300 exhibitors and visited by 8,000 attendees, a hackathon, multiple additional challenges, a festival, and a lot more.
SEPT. 16-20, 2019 SINGAPORE
100 select individuals, including 50 top African startups, will have the unique opportunity to discover the world famous Singaporean innovation model and build lasting connections with 400+ Asian business leaders. The event is comprised of 5 days, with 4 days of innovation discovery and B2B meetings plus 1 day of forums with B2B meetings.
NOV. 20-21, 2019 DAKAR
This Crowning Event of the 2019 conference season is punctuated with conferences, round tables and an innovation exhibition. 50 African startups will be invited and there will be 2 days of forums and exhibition.
JAN. 6-11, 2020 LAS VEGAS