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Nov 1
Nov 5, 2017 - Jun 1, 2018
EDACY Corporation
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Côte d'Ivoire, Nigeria, Senegal
Computer software, Diversified services, EdTech, Education, HealthTech, Internet

What we look for
Driven local (Senegal) and international (French & English speaking) mentors willing to impact Africa by sharing Technical/Vocational Skills with our next 20-30 Talents starting their 6-months immersion in enterprise by the end of November 2017. 

Profile Talents

  • Followed our Program in Software Leadership
  • High potential yet-to-be-employed young graduates
  • Aged between 22 to 28 years
  • Based in Senegal (although different nationalities)
  • Currently identified through a highly selective process (MOOCs, Makers Day – code day, proctored exam, 3-day-bootcamp, technical acceleration) 
  • High potential to be Innovators and Game-Changers for the African market.

During the 6 months immersion, talents will have academic tutoring, MOOCs, 25 technical training-sessions and hands-on reinforcement working on a project in an enterprise and simultaneously their own personal project. They will be supported by a range of mentors willing to empower their potential and strengthen their skills. To ensure high quality top talents, mentors in both technical as well as vocational skills are a requisite.

What profile we expect from an online mentor (Nov 2017 – April 2018)

  1. SOFT SKILLS (max 3h a week): Communication skills, Leadership, Collaboration, Presentation, Selling, Personal Finance Management.
  2. TECHNICAL SKILLS (max 3h a week): Front-end, Backend, Programming, UX design, UI Design, Design Thinking, Ideation, Problem Solving, Web & Mobile Development, Java, AngularJS, React, NodeJS, SQL, NoSQL, Android.

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(Always open Mentorship: Special Single Events at location, like Bootcamp: 3 days to 1 week – max. 9 hours a day)

Find more information on mentorship at EDACY in our Brochure.
Find out who is already among us on our mentorpage.
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Quotes from EDACY mentors:
Ayo Sopitan: ‘Through @EDACYHQ I mentor a remarkable young Software Engineer based in Dakar Senegal. He gives me hope for Africa and Africans.’

Shirah Foy: ‘Unforgettable moments of learning and growing through design shared with 35 great students from across West Africa!‘