Incubator of social enterprises

We seek to transform the productive matrix of a system that leads us to humanitarian collapse into a regenerative matrix that allows us to continue generating more just societies.

What can we offer you

Incubation of impact projects

We grow your triple impact business (economic, social and environmental) with the personalized guidance of our mentors. We strengthen your project by offering access to financing, communication strategies and a diverse network of contacts.

Search for funds and strategic alliances

We rethink and seek new forms of intersectoral collaborations in order to combine actions, share resources and finance operations. We create alliances that allow us to balance risks and take advantage of opportunities.

Open innovation consultancy

We identify the individual needs of the agents involved and generate collective solutions that generate an impact inside and outside the organization in question.

Development of collaborative experiences

We generate triple innovation through programs that achieve: inspire and train; connect and take action; strengthen and scale. We strengthen the ecosystem of local startups and train agents of change.

About us

We were born in 2011 as a Digital Marketing agency, although after several years in the dynamic world of Internet business we began to develop comprehensive advisory services to strengthen small businesses, making them profitable and formalizing their activities.

Since 2014 we have been an Incubator of triple impact companies (economic, social and / or environmental), we specialize in Innovation and with a clear mission: to transform the productive matrix of a system that is leading us to humanitarian collapse through a regenerative matrix that allows us to continue generating sustainable and fairer societies.

Our years of experience have allowed us to create specific innovation strategies according to the different scenarios, since we understand that each organization, sector and moment, is unique and must be analyzed from the individual to obtain the best results.

And since collaborative work is part of our DNA, in 2017 we started Espacio Abasto, a Future Laboratory in the City of Córdoba where entrepreneurs, companies, officials, academics, scientists and the general public meet to generate Innovation in Sustainability.


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Location Arturo M. Bas, Córdoba, Cordoba, Argentina
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