Emprendamos una charla

A dialogue between entrepreneurs from Latin America


Jul 20 - Jul 21 - 19:00  • 
Creativelab Association
Latin America and the Caribbean
Sector agnostic

Listening to the pain that a company is going through is opening the ears to the life story of the person behind it. These times were hard for everyone, but especially for many businesses that had to close their doors (or are about to).

That’s why we decided to create the Let’s start a talkspace, a place to listen.
Dialogue with another can seem a simple idea, but it is the key to fostering processes of empathy and understanding, and in this way we can intervene from solutions. created especially for the needs of each entrepreneur.

The activity will be on Wednesday, July 21 at 07 :00pm (col), it is intended for any startup or entrepreneur/Latin America, it has no cost and requires only previous registration by doing click here