Coworking Africa Conference 2016


Feb 5, 2016: 9:00 - 18:00  • 
Coworking Africa Coworking Space
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Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
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After the successful premier Coworking Africa conference in Cape Town last July, we are ready to continue the conversation in the New Year, with the second Coworking Africa Meetup, held in Cape Town, South Africa on February 5th , 2016 at The Design Bank.

The second Coworking Africa meeting will offer best practices in the context of coworking, shared knowledge, and will also focus on nurturing personal relationships between the members of the coworking community in South Africa, highlighting the ways in which the established community is leading the coworking movement in Africa giving an overall introduction to the local scene.

Inspiring talks about the growth of African coworking

The first part of the Coworking Africa Meetup will be in a conference format about how to strengthen the global and local coworking wave:

  • Coworking on the African continent: Disclosure of the latest data
  • South Africa leading the coworking boom: An introduction to the local scene
  • Collaboration and the importance of coworking spaces working together and how we can facilitate that further
  • How important is coworking to a thriving ecosystem of digital entrepreneurs

We will show the latest results of the Global Coworking Survey, which were presented at the most recentCoworking Europe conference in Milan, to how to create a thriving ecosystem for digital freelancers and startups.

The primary focus of the meetup will be to emphasize the importance of collaboration between coworking spaces as a means to further the creation of culture of exchange that works together to ensure collective success.

For the community, by the community: Co-creation workshops

The second part of the meetup includes practical workshops co-created by the attendees and aimed at helping coworking operators achieve optimum results for their space and community. These topics are of the utmost importance, as coworking spaces today are often reliant on strong professional teams and motivated coworkers.

Interaction discussions facilitated by participants about:

  • Metrics and indicators to measure the business performance
    We will explore how operators can measure member needs and which metrics they are using to measure their coworking business performance. Various points will focus on how to run surveys, questionnaires, and other methods to gather data, which will show what is working within the space and what can be improved upon.
  • Recruiting the perfect coworking team: skills, expertise, and knowledge required
    We will also address how to create the perfect team that will help your space run smoothly. From community management to event hosts and communication and Mk management, these are all essentials when building up a coworking space.
  • How to empower your coworkers making them more involved in growing your community. We are experiencing a thriving tech scene, as well as an increasing demand for platforms to nurture the next major innovations. Potential members may be wary of the open concept, for fear that “coworkers” might steal their ideas, thus workshops will focus on how to show the benefits of collaboration as a way to empower your members. Will also discuss how to teach your community to reap the benefits of coworking, rather than shying away from them.

You can also check the updated program here.

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