BIG (5° generación de Growth)

We're looking for expansion-stage startups

About the program

Our program is tailored to grow your startup exponentially through directory sessions and connections with the best corporate and investor networks. It is a program of support and financing for consolidated companies that seek to scale their businesses from Chile.


The program consists of 8 months of acceleration. It is tailored to grow your startup exponentially.  

Program benefits

    • equity-free: We will give you a fund of 75 million Chilean pesos (approx. 100K USD) free of equity participation so you can internationalize your business without having to give up a part of it.
    • Femele founder factor:  This is a gender-focused initiative! Startups with women leaders in the team will count on a higher percentage of funding.
    • The SUppers: We call SUppers all who go through our program. Annually we receive 2 generations of Ignite from 10 to 15 startups each.


      • leader (team leader): You must have at least 10% share ownership. Consider that once completed and submitted the nomination cannot be modified by the team leader.
      • The person chosen:  The team leader cannot be changed once the application is complete and sent to make sure the right person is chosen!
      • 100% dedication: The leader of the team   has to have exclusive dedication to his startup, that means that the startup must be a full-time job.
      • Chile=home sweet home:  The team leader must be set in Chile during the program (8 months) or even spend the fund (typically for 12 months).
      • The startup:  You must sell between 80 and 800 million Chilean pesos per year, demonstrate sales billed for those sums in the last 12 months before the opening of the call.

      Legal basis and terms of reference

      The legal bases of the program are key to making a good run and knowing all the rules of the game. Unload and read times they are needed because if they are selected they will be the basis of your contract with Corfo

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November 15, 2022
Organizer CORFO
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Targets Latin America and the Caribbean
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