Click-on Kaduna Digital Entrepreneurship

Aiming to nurture digital entrepreneurship

Kaduna Digital Entrepreneurship Incubation Program aims to nurture digital entrepreneurship and create opportunities in Kaduna State by equipping entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge required to start and grow their digital enterprises.

The program provides training, mentorship, peer learning and access to partnerships and investors to innovative entrepreneurs. Participants in the program will be guided and nurtured through a series of activities designed to help the idea stage and young entrepreneurs find their footing and grow.

What The Program Offers

Coaching and Mentorship
Hands-on support from business advisors and experienced entrepreneurs.
Immersive learning, tools, resources, networking opportunities and and access to renown entrepreneurship experts.
Opportunity to develop communications, negotiations and other essential soft skills
Peer Learning
Accountability sessions with fellow participants
Child care facility for parents.

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May 12, 2019
Organizer Click-on Kaduna
Targets Nigeria
Sectors Sector agnostic