STEM Club Schools National Competition 2019

STEM aims at training 2 million high school kids in Nigeria how to code.

Are you the STEM champion we’re looking for?
Civic Foundation for Innovation invites Schools, Teachers and Students to participate in the Stem Club Schools National Competition. Compete and stand a chance to win N1,000,000 in scholarship fund and upgraded computer laboratory and other awesome prizes.

This competition is open to Primary and Secondary Schools within Nigeria and offers tremendous opportunities to teachers and students.

Focus area: Programming

A STEM club is an educational gathering of students and a tutor(s) that meet periodically in a learning environment to work on the different hands-on components of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and to learn in a fun way. A STEM club encourages students to explore, learn, build, and understand the integration of STEM in everyday life. It is a place where students learn using material, tools, design and create prototypes using their hands-on skills and scientific knowledge. We understand that some schools may not have started STEM clubs, we are therefore opening our portal to enable schools enlist their teachers who will learn via our platform thereafter, successful teachers can train students and prepare them for the competition using materials on our platform. However, we encourage schools that have STEM clubs to also enroll on our platform to prepare for the competition.

How to Apply?

  • Visit
  • Click on register for competition
  • Get teachers from your school to sign up using the name of the school
  • Endorse teachers by providing a recommendation letter to them
  • Provide spaces for teachers (classrooms, halls e.t.c) to conduct meet-ups


  • Check
  • Click on register for competition
  • Select the name of your school on the registration page and fill in your details
  • After completing the registration select a course from the course page Start training
  • After completing a course, scroll down and take the test
  • Submit the recommendation letter from your school to a dashboard that will be created for you
  • Sign up student Teach student

Teachers Challenge; 7th of September 2019
Student Challenge; 21st of September 2019

This would serve as an incentive for hard work, passion, and inclusiveness. Prices are highlighted below:

Best Participating Teacher: 

  • 1 Million Naira For The Best Participating Teacher
  • National Recognition Best Participating Student National Recognition
  • 1 Million Naira (in scholarship fund)

Best Participating School:

  • We will equip a Computer Lab
  • National Recognition



  • Hands-on skills development.
  • Prepares kids for the future of work
  • Encourages knowledge application
  • Helps children develop collaborative skills
  • Team building skills working.
  • Enhancement of practical approach and problem-solving attitude.
  • Leadership skills
  • Students gain practical, teamwork and leadership skills, their confidence and engagement in STEM increases motivation to study STEM and enter STEM careers.


  • Team working.
  • Builds resilience and encourages experimentation
  • Improves practical and hands-on teaching skills
  • Improves Presentation skills.
  • Improved relationship with kids even for curricular subjectsSchools
  • Encourages the use of technology
  • It improves the quality of teachers in any learning environment
  • Improves the extra-curricular standard of the school.


August 30, 2019
Organizer Civic Innovation Lab
Website Visit website
Targets Nigeria
Sectors Education