Civic House

Technology and civic innovation unite us in search of a new culture of action

We are a non-profit organization that amplifies the impact of initiatives, organizations, and technology and civic innovation projects in Latin America.  

Our holistic vision of the culture of citizen action translates into a sustainable, collaborative and dynamic space: Our House. This new paradigm combines administrative, accounting and legal support with the development of an investment fund, the horizontal and constructive dialogue between projects and organizations with the expertise in strategic planning, and all these mergers flow through the coexistence of each partner organization in our common space.

The concept of Civic House arose from the experience of Res Non Verba Civil Association, our most direct antecedent. This initiative of more than 15 years promoted projects such as Wingu | Nonprofit Technology, TEDxRiodelaPlata and Nobility Forces. Today we have a consolidated team of professionals and with the know-how needed to expand our impact to the whole region.

The organizations that today are betting on the Civic House challenge are:

  • Argentina:
  • Donate Online:
  • Nilus:
  • Kubadili:
  • Wingu | Non-profit technology:


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Location Thames 1024, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Targets Latin America and the Caribbean
Sectors Sector agnostic