Centro CEMEX-TEC para el Desarrollo Sostenible

We encourage sustainability


We are a multidisciplinary Center

We encourage sustainability in communities through applied research, innovation and entrepreneurship programs, creating opportunities for engagement with academia, civil society, and the public and private sectors, in order to raise the quality of life in rural and urban environments.

Our goals

  • Research, disseminate and transfer knowledge through own models ..
  • Design and execute socio-urban co-investment projects ..
  • Implement or facilitate the implementation of actions resulting from studies conducted ..
  • Offering spaces for young people to participate in entrepreneurship and public innovation ecosystems.
  • Forming citizens sensitive to the needs of the least-favoured communities.
  • Proposing and evaluating actions to combat poverty.

How do we work?

Academic and social research

Generate multidisciplinary knowledge for the development of sustainable communities

Facilitation of social processes

Facilitate the implementation of processes that contribute to the development of capabilities in the community for the management of sustainable projects for improvement.

Social innovation

Recognizes and potentiates initiatives that generate a high social impact in the communities.


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Location Mexico
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