Creating jobs, driving trade and boosting integration for global competitiveness

Why the rebirth 

The greatest expression of pan-African prosperity that Africa ever witnessed in its long and colourful history occurred in the Western Sudanese Empires.

One symbol exemplified that great wave: The trans-Saharan Caravans.

So effective were these “mobile entrepots” that they birthed a trade and investment paradigm that created bullion vast enough to dominate trade instruments in the known world. Mansa Musa’s famed pilgrimage to Mecca, which brought this power to the attention of the world was but the tip of the iceberg.

And at the beating heart of this legend was one motif: the camel CARAVANS of the Sahara. Today, they limit us to: “Sub-Saharan”, when in history we were trans-Sahara. It is time to reclaim the trade routes of the past and restore the treasures of the old. Time for Africa to inherit its rightful place in the world, as the greatest trading and investment empire of all time.

The caravans are moving again, and this time they are here for good!


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