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Calabar International Trade Fair

Calabar International Trade Fair

Developing Local Content by Creating Cross-border Synergies

The Calabar International Trade Fair is a public-private initiative that aims to develop local content by creating cross border synergies.

The week long 10,000 vendor project, consisting 2,000 vendors from Nigeria, 3,000 from the rest of Africa and 5,000 from the rest of the world, aims to empower African entrepreneurs through bridging technological gaps, developing local business strategies, championing strategic investments and creating access to markets towards developing the African continent.

Our Objectives Strategy is defined below

Thriving Businesses – Increased Family Earnings – Socially Stable Communities – New Ideas – Economic Growth – Infrastructure Development – Reduced Mortality. Govt can then focus on ‘saving earth’ programs.

Visit http://citf.ng for more information.

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