Convocatoria INNOVA VERDE

An open directory of enterprises committed to the environment

Santa Cruz Innova The Innovation Agency of CAINCO has the pleasure to announce the opening of the call for the first edition of INNOVA Verde. This initiative is aimed at identifying and recognizing companies, enterprises and startups in Bolivia that are leading initiatives towards a more sustainable future.

The objective of INNOVA Verde is to identify entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who are offering solutions to environmental problems, such as adaptation and mitigation to climate change, biodiversity conservation, waste management, among others.

In addition to celebrating and recognizing these transformative initiatives, the initiative also has a broader mission: to collect essential data for a comprehensive study of the state of the green ecosystem in Bolivia. This study will enable us to better understand the challenges and opportunities facing businesses, entrepreneurship and startups in the country. INNOVA Verde seeks to reward innovation and catalyse a positive and lasting change in Bolivia’s green ecosystem.


  • 40 semi-finalists will be chosen for the Business Models and Green Impact training cycle with 5 hours.
  • 3 finalists will be selected to receive a one-to-one Mentoring to improve their model to scale the impact.
  • 2 finalists will be chosen to receive non-repayable funds according to the criteria of the sponsors/funders (download the bases.)
  • All participants meeting the requirements, will be part of the Green Innova Directory.


To participate companies, entrepreneurship or startups must meet the following requirements:

  • Operation Time: Minimum of 1 Year of Operations in Bolivia
  • Sales: You must have sales indicators (current and projected).
  • Category: Work in one of the following 4 categories:
    • Environmental Explorers: Those that do not currently have established environmental practices, policies and/or regulations, demonstrate a clear interest and are actively looking for ways to start their path to sustainability.
    • Sustainable Renovations: Those that have already adopted environmental practices, policies and/or regulations, but these are not fully integrated into the core of their business model. Their financial sustainability is not exclusively dependent on such practices, policies and/or regulations.
    • Innovative Eco-Business: Those whose practices, policies and/or environmental regulations are the essence and core of their business model. Their financial sustainability depends on their practices of regeneration, conservation and/or circular economy.
    • Environmental Technology Solutions: Those whose main focus is to provide technological solutions to address or mitigate specific environmental problems. These are highlighted by their ability to innovate and develop technologies that contribute significantly to the preservation and restoration of the environment.


  • Enrollment Limit Date: April 7, 2024 at 11:59 pm Bolivia time. Entries received after this date will not be considered.
  • Communication to finalists for the training cycle: 12 April 2024
  • Communication to finalists for mentorship one to one: 23 April
  • Communication of results: 30 April 2024


April 7, 2024
Organizer CAINCO
Website Visit website
Targets Bolivia
Sectors Environmental services, Clean technology and energy, Information technology