Business Activator

Personal growth, better business

BUSINESS ACTIVATOR is an Enterprise Development practitioner that helps business owners overcome obstacles and increase competitiveness, resulting in job creation and poverty alleviation.

We aim to be the Western Cape’s best business partner for entrepreneurs from under-resourced backgrounds, enabling them to realise their full potential and profoundly improve lives, communities and economies. 

We are working towards this vision by:

  • Visionbuilding the Cape Flat’s most innovative incubator programs for entrepreneurs who live within our catchment area.
  • Providing the most holistic and appropriate content for micro enterprise development programs in South Africa.
Our programs include life skills training, business mentoring and coaching, and compelling incentives.
BUSINESS FLOW PROGRAM is for entrepreneurs who wish to benefit from networking and business support.
BUSINESS HUB PROGRAM includes access to open-plan office space and business services at Philippi Village’s Hub building.
CONTAINER WALK PROGRAM includes access to a modified shipping container used as business premises at Philippi Village’s Container Walk.


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Location 1 Cwangco Crescent, 1, Cape Town, 7781, South Africa
Targets South Africa
Sectors Sector agnostic