Bright Insights Global LLC

Thought partners on inclusion, innovation and impact for forward-thinking, purpo

Bright Insights Global is a boutique woman-owned consultancy dedicated to partnering with purpose driven, tech-forward companies with a desire to define and optimize financial performance through the prism of innovation, inclusion and impact.   

We partner with companies to:

design, develop and deliver diversity and inclusion strategies for under-represented talent 

build out and accelerate corporate innovation initiatives 

stream-line organizational effectiveness for high impact   

provide insights based on knowledge of key African markets 

execute special projects on request 

Our extensive expertise includes Cornell MBA; practical experience launching a premier corporate innovation Lab in Africa; human capital management, and over 40 years combined global leadership in a multi-national corporation.  We also bring with us, an established, high-value network including Ivy League academics, senior innovation executives and multi-disciplinary thought leaders across the globe.  We currently have a presence in New York, USA and Cape Town, South Africa.

Our founding principle is that diversity drives innovation and innovation drives growth

We are confident that we can help you achieve your goal and steer your organization in the desired direction.  


Targets Africa
Sectors Consulting and business development