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Brainerbook is an educational social media app that solves the problem of noise and intellectual vapidity of modern social media such as Facebook and Twitter. It is a Facebook for your intellectual brain and academic life as opposed to social. 

The reason why Brainerbook has so much potential is because other apps that have the same audience such as Evernote, Blinkist and GoodReads have millions of users. Brainerbook offers something similar to them but different features and more benefits and therefore if promoted properly, should have a large user base as well.

As of now, Brainerbook is still in its conception phase. The first version of the app is scheduled to launch mid next year, however if investors are excited and willing, it can launch much sooner. 

Brainerbook has several features that can be seen on for more info.

If the concept of Brainerbook seems profitable and exciting to you and you would like more information and perhaps reap the benefits of being an early investor please feel free to contact